VANCOUVER -- When you walk down a city’s streets, you never know what you may find. But if you keep your eyes and ears open, you just might stumble upon something – or someone – memorable.

On the corner of Vancouver’s busy Granville Street for example, you’ll find Marcel Greer playing his electric guitar for anyone and everyone.

Greer is a 42-year-old street performer who came to British Columbia from Manitoba’s Chemawawin Cree Nation.

He’s also a self-taught musician.

Greer – whose stage-name is Maverick Rayne– can now play almost any musical genre. “I studied bits of pieces from classical music. I studied bits and pieces from jazz,” he told CTV News. “I just try to work all sorts of different techniques into my playing.”

With a personal style that includes fast moving fingers that travel up and down the neck of his guitar, his performance is a captivating sight for those who stop and listen. 

From time to time people will give him a couple of coins for his efforts. But even on days when not a whole lot is left in Greer’s guitar case, he finds comfort knowing his music will lift people’s spirits.

“I enjoy doing it. I enjoy playing,” Greer said. “For people who are out and about that might be having a bad day.”