A Toronto man who auctioned off the last roll of pennies produced by the Royal Canadian Mint stands to make a hefty return on his investment.

Jack, who didn’t want his last name revealed, purchased a commemorative roll of Canadian pennies for $10. After learning that his roll was the last one distributed by the mint, the coin collector put the item up for auction.

The starting price on Feb. 24 was $0.99 and after a week on eBay, the auction ended Sunday night with a whopper of a winning bid: US$6,600.

The roll was one of 20,000 that were made up of the final million pennies produced for distribution last February.

Each roll distributed by the mint was given a unique number -- labelled with a hologram sticker -- indicating which number roll it was.

When he received the item, Jack was shocked to discover his roll was marked number 20,000.

Jack told CTVNews.ca last week that prior to opening the auction, he saw the commemorative rolls from the series being sold on eBay for around $30. 

But he said he had no idea his special roll would fetch such a high price.

The last individual Canadian penny ever created, minted in Winnipeg last May, is currently on display at the currency museum in Ottawa.