Sleep deprivation, disappointment, and the birth of a meme: hockey worship in the wee hours

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In an NHL lockout year, Canadian hockey fans were pinning their hopes on a group of talented teens playing for Canada in the World Junior Hockey Championships semi-final in Russia. Some fans got up quite early Thursday morning so they could watch Team Canada battle Team USA live on TSN.
Father and son watching World Juniors:) Griffen is taking notes for 2028 #2013wjc #GOCANADAGO
5am, wide awake with my Tim Hortons to watch the hockey game, how Canadian of me #2013WJC #GoCanadaGo
By the second period, however, with Team Canada already down by 3, sleep deprived fans began to despair.
Boys giving up on Team Canada #2013WJC #CanadaVsUSA
3-0 USA. My Canadian family is cranky, and it seems to be directed at me. #2013WJC
This is how I'm planning to watch this 3rd period #JerseyFacepalm #2013WJC #TSN #DregerFace
When it was all over, it wasn't even close.
Wake up & check my phone to see this #disappointment #2013WJC Wright
RT @ElenaRusko: Congrats to @usahockey !!! #2013WJC Damren
I can't believe I woke up to watch Canada sleep. #2013WJCWheeling Problems
Canada struggled on every aspect of the game. Errant passes, sub par goaltending, suspect defensive plays culminated in the loss #2013WJCChris Schiller
Some Canadian fans were gracious in defeat:
We had a good run #canada #2013WJC
Bronze is actually my new favourite colour so no matter boys! Get in it, win it and wear it proud! #IIHF #2013WJCChantel Whitter
While others dealt with the loss by sharing graphical representations of their anger and disappointment.
RT @M_Chmelnytzki: when I heard we lost to USA #2013WJC Versavel
Grump Cat it right! #2013WJC #WJCproblems #Canada
A few targetted Canada's goalie Malcolm Subban, who let in four goals on 16 shots before being pulled halfway through the second period.
Malcolm Subban Meme. #2013WJC #CanadaVsUSA #TSN
Time to fire up the Malcolm Subban Meme. #2013WJC #TSN #CanadaVsUSA
Not surprisingly, there were tweets from gloating Team USA supporters, including this one from former NHL player and bad boy Bobby Holik:

Hey Canada nothing to analyze here,was not even close.#teamUSABobby Holik
Meanwhile, American fan Dylan Waldron was wondering how Canadians were reacting after the loss.
Is this what's happening in Canada after the game today? #2013WJC
(Waldron obviously wasn't paying attention during the 2011 Stanley Cup riot.) 
The following images, however, seemed to warm the cockles of many fans' hearts, whether they were on the winning or losing side:
RT @BillHartkix106: You know, seeing this actually made feel better! Congrats U.S., we ALL love this game! #2013WJC
RT @Salzano14: LOL this is fantastic #2013wjcmandylizz
Why hockey rules all part 2. #2013WJC
RT @IIHFHockey: These dedicated international hockey fans rented a skybox at Ufa Arena to enjoy the #2013WJC Cheers! :)
While the Juniors were busy at play in Russia, across the pond sports journalists were showing signs of wear and tear covering the ongoing negotiations between the NHL and the NHLPA. Hockey analyst Pierre LeBrun tweeted and TSN's Jay Onrait re-tweeted this photo Wednesday night of weary-looking colleague, Darren Dreger.
New term for NHL Lockout Fatigue: "Dreger Face" RT @Real_ESPNLeBrun NHL has let us wait out the meeting in its offices.
#DregerFace was trending worldwide. And a meme was born.
"It's been taken care of." #DregerFace Peters
RT @FauxPMcGuire: He is The Most Interesting Insider In The World. #DregerFace
#DregerFace #NHL #lockOut #CBA @DarrenDreger @Real_ESPNLeBrun
Bobby Orr's Cup winner #dregerface Lagana
VOTE IKEA DREGER RT @DarrenDreger Open vote for best #DregerFace and I will use as avatar for 3 daysmlse
RT @gutsmctavish24: @DarrenDreger @bruce_arthur #dregerface #smokebreak
late to the party #DregerFace @mlse
@dohfOs Just awful #DregerFace Lowe(Not Real)
RT @74Dre: @Real_ESPNLeBrun @DarrenDreger #dregerface