Snowflake, a two-year-old poodle from Winnipeg who suffered severe burns during a truck accident, is depending on the goodwill of strangers to recover from her injures.

The dog was injured when Wade Newman, a truck driver and Snowflake’s owner, was involved in a serious accident on Aug. 19 during which his semi-truck burst into flames. Newman’s two dogs were with him in the vehicle at the time.

"The last thing I saw was yellow which would have been the loader that I ran into,” said Newman, “and flames coming up through the dash.”

As the truck lay on its side, Newman, who also suffered severe burns to his arms and face, tried to get the two dogs out of the burning vehicle.

"The heat was getting intense so I jumped out and rolled around on the ground to make sure I wasn't on fire and then I went back to try and convince them to come out,” he said.

One of Newman’s dogs, Sasha, escaped unharmed, but Snowflake suffered severe burns to her legs and body. She also lost one of her ears in the accident.

The dog was rushed to the Winnipeg Humane Society, where she has been receiving extensive treatment for her injuries over the past 10 days.

But the cost of Snowflake’s treatment is quickly becoming unaffordable for the humane society.

“We’re hoping to raise about $20,000 for her care,” said Erik Anseeuw, a vet at the WHS. “We’re probably going to have to refer her to a specialty facility to have the skin grafting done.”

The organization has posted a video about Snowflake’s story on its Facebook page encouraging people to donate money for the dog’s treatment.

The WHS has also set up a website collecting donations for Snowflake, who humane society staff say has been remarkably calm and easy to work with considering the extent of her injuries.

Newman spent six days in hospital himself and has only been able to visit Snowflake once since the accident.

“She just jumped up instantly,” he said. “She came right to life and was so happy to see me and it just rips your heart out.

“I just hope that people can help out and bring her home to me as soon as possible.”

Snowflake’s treatment could go on for several months.

So far, the online fundraising campaign for the dog has raised just under $3,000.

With a report from CTV Winnipeg’s Ben Miljure