Canadian diplomats stationed in Cuba are being allowed to return home after another employee mysteriously fell ill.

Eight employees and five children have reported unexplained symptoms including headaches, dizziness and trouble concentrating. American diplomats in Havana have also fallen ill with the ailments.

Staff posted to Cuba will now be given the opportunity to fly back to Canada “if they wish,” Global Affairs said in a statement Wednesday.

Officials confirmed the latest case after performing medical tests on the individual, who is only identified as an employee. The employee is now receiving “necessary medical attention,” Global Affairs said.

In response, the government is dispatching a group of federal officials to Cuba next week to “review Canada’s current operations and assess how to further reduce risks to our diplomatic personnel,” Global Affairs said.

Canada has already been actively working with U.S. and Cuban authorities to solve the mystery, and an RCMP investigation into the case is active.

Officials originally blamed a targeted sonic attack, but that explanation has since been dismissed.

“To date, no cause has been identified. This remains the case today,” Global Affairs said.

There is no evidence that Canadian travellers are at risk, Global Affairs said.

The government announced in April that dependants would no longer join diplomats in Cuba due to the risk.

A doctor in Cuba is working full-time to help treat the ailing individuals.

With files from The Canadian Press