CONNEAUT, Ohio - Canadian Coast Guard officials are attempting to free a freighter stuck in the ice on southern Lake Erie.

A spokeswoman for the Coast Guard says the S.S. Arthur M. Anderson has been trapped in the ice near Conneaut Harbor, Ohio, about 75 kilometres northeast of Cleveland, since Tuesday.

Carol Launderville says the Coast Guard Ship Griffon is currently working on creating a track through the ice north of the Anderson, while the Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley will arrive Saturday evening to help free the ship.

Launderville says that once the Anderson is freed, the Samuel Risley will escort it to the Detroit area, which could take about 24 hours depending on the ice conditions.

Launderville says none of the ships are in danger.

A U.S. Coast Guard report said the Anderson was the last ship in radio contact with the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald before it sank in a Lake Superior storm in 1975 killing all 29 onboard.

Canadian Coast Guard