A Toronto bakery is winning some international attention for a new pastry it whipped up only five days ago.

Clafouti Patisserie in the Trinity Bellwoods neighborhood started serving the high calorie croissant-Oreo hybrid this week.

The British Daily Mail newspaper published an article on the concoction Friday afternoon, comparing the Clafouti treat to a New York hi-cal craze called the “Cronut,” which combines the delicate layer of a croissant with the fried exterior of a classic doughnut.

The new dessert emerged after weekly newspaper The Grid TO challenged five Toronto chefs, including Clafoutis’s owner, Oliver Jansen-Reynaud, to bring the “double bake” trend to Toronto.

The challenge was to create a new dessert using two classic but different ingredients.

Jansen-Reynaud chose the soft croissant and the crunchy cookie, and made it a new addition to the menu this week. It's essentially an Oreo cookie sandwich in a buttery croissant.

Clafouti is well-known to locals for its rich desserts, breakfast specialities and croissant sandwiches.

As for the future of the Crookie, “We’re going to plan for the next few weeks to make a hundred a day,” Clafouti baker Kyle Marsh said. "As long as it goes we'll ride the wave. "

"It's really good," one customer told CTV News. "I would have another one."

The Manhattan bakery that serves the famous “Cronuts” sees 6 a.m. lineups for its treats, and has resorted to holding a lottery to determine which daily customers can earn the privilege of trying one in a hundred.