MONCTON, N.B. -- An overdue book is finally back at the public library in Moncton, N.B. -- 63 years after it was borrowed.

Librarian Chantale Bellemare says a senior was cleaning his house and discovered the volume of Relax and Live, a self-help book for relieving tension and getting better sleep.

She says the man wanted to do the right thing and return the book.

Bellemare says the book was due back in May 1956, and at two cents per day, the late fee would be $459.

Lucky for the senior, the library waived the late fee.

Bellemare says the book won't be going back on the shelf because the pages have yellowed and it has a foul smell.

She says despite the length of time, it doesn't set any record for overdue books.

Moncton has had a public library for 106 years.