TORONTO -- The Progressive Conservatives say a $14,000 subsidy for some Tesla electric vehicles "doesn't pass the smell test" as it was introduced around the same time a top staffer for the environment minister went to work for the company.

Environment Minister Glen Murray says his former staffer was cleared to do so by the integrity commissioner, and decisions about the subsidy were made in the Ministry of Transportation, not his own department.

The Liberal government introduced rebates for electric vehicles last year, but earlier this month it removed a $3,000 cap on vehicles that cost between $75,000 and $150,000.

That means that buyers of vehicles in that price range are now entitled to the full rebates of up to $14,000 -- the same rebates available to lower-cost electric vehicles.

Both the Progressive Conservatives and the NDP say that anyone who can afford a $100,000 car doesn't need a $14,000 rebate.

Tory Steve Clark says the LinkedIn profile of Murray's former staffer shows he started working for Tesla this month and asked the Liberals if it was just a coincidence.