Molson Coors Canada is pulling an ad after backlash from search-and-rescue groups claiming it encourages mountain users to go out of bounds.

The ad for Coors Light, which began airing on television this week, shows skiers and snowboarders following a sign pointing them towards an out-of-bounds trail leading them through trees to a waiting helicopter.

A narration can be heard encouraging Coors Light drinkers to take risks.

The ad is part of the #BraveTheCold campaign, designed to highlight the company's temperature-sensitive colour-changing beer cans.

"It's frustrating because we spend so much time and energy in educating the public and preventing things from happening. There's almost 1,400 incidents in B.C. every year," Sandra Riches, the director of British Columbia Search and Rescue, referring to rescues to help out-of-bound mountain users.

In one of the most recent rescues, a 40-year-old man from Surrey died after going snowboarding out of bounds on Cypress Mountain.

Vancouver-area search-and-rescue groups are particularly upset due to the increasing number of rescues they've undertaken this year and the cost associated with them.

North Shore Rescue, which stages rescue operations in the mountains in North Vancouver, says some rescue missions can cost up to $30,000, hurting the volunteer-run organizations.

The ad was also unveiled during peak avalanche season, with four snowmobilers dying in avalanches since Sunday, bringing the season total to 13 deaths.

In a statement, Molson Coors acknowledged issues with the advertisement.

"We would never want to make light of a situation that has negatively impacted others. We are removing the advertisement in question," it read.

The B.C. Search and Rescue Association says they plan to work with the company in the near future to come up with a safer message.

With a report from CTV Vancouver