Amid talk of looming interest rate cuts and cooling markets in Toronto and Vancouver, there are still plenty of hot markets in Canada, according to Toronto broker Monte Burris, owner of Trust Realty Group. He told CTV’s Your Morning Monday that there is no Canadian real estate market, but rather distinct towns and cities.

Burris says there is great value to be had right across the country. Here are his top choices based on average sale prices across all housing types in the first quarter of 2017:

1. VICTORIA, B.C. – $585,745 – Fantastic climate, waterfront, huge appreciation potential but much less expensive than Vancouver

2. VERNON, B.C. – $466,678 – All the benefits of the Okanagan but more than $150,000 cheaper than Kelowna, double digit growth rates, great year-round recreation

3. REGINA – $313,903 – Turnaround is underway, growing population, a young city with great energy and affordable lifestyle

4. MONTREAL - $349,549 – A city that is now in a new renaissance when it comes to real estate, great culture, food, nightlife, architecture, double-digit growth

5. THUNDER BAY, Ont.– $219,249 – A great retirement community offering the best bang for a buck, northern Ontario lifestyle and recreation, very affordable when compared to average income

6. GUELPH, Ont. – $441,880 – High-water mark of growth at 26 per cent year over year, Toronto at its doorstep but without Toronto pricing

7. BARRIE, Ont. – $469,700 – Small and affordable community with more northern lifestyle, close to amenities of Toronto, about 10 per cent growth year over year

8. MONCTON, N.B. – $168,300 – Active business community with a lot of culture, extremely affordable compared to incomes

9. CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – $178,489 – A hidden treasure and so inexpensive, great beauty, ocean living