Rest assured, Canada. The chocolate in your Cadbury Creme Eggs will remain the same this year, despite changes to the recipe in the United Kingdom.

U.K. residents have reacted with horror at the news that this year’s batch of Creme Eggs will not be made with Dairy Milk chocolate.

So much so, that one man in Liverpool has started a petition to “Change Back the Shell of the Cadbury Creme Egg to Dairy Milk.”

A spokesperson for the U.K. office of Mondelez International, a spin-off division of Kraft that oversees chocolate and other confections, told Monday that “the fundamentals of the Cadbury Creme Egg remain exactly the same -- delicious milk chocolate and the unique crème centre that consumers love.”

Samantha Wothers explained that the company has “always used a range of chocolate blend for different products, depending on their shape or consistency.”

The Creme Egg shell will now use “a standard, traditional Cadbury milk chocolate,” she said.

Wothers also noted that while the shell of Crème Eggs may have been made of Dairy Milk chocolate in recent years, “we have never flagged it as a Cadbury Dairy Milk product.

“We’ve used other recipes in its long history.”

A spokesperson at the Mondelez Canada office confirmed that the recipe change does not affect Creme Eggs sold in Canada.

“Other than some new packaging, there is no change to Cadbury Creme Eggs in Canada this year,” Stephanie Cass said in an email.

The popular chocolate product is only on store shelves for a few months each year, from January until Easter.