Nissan has unveiled its newest and smartest Skyline yet featuring "hands-off driving" technology.

On Tuesday, Nissan announced the newest generation of the Skyline sedan -- a model whose production history goes back to 1957. Today, according to the company's executive VP, "The Skyline is a symbol of Nissan technology," as over its 62 years in existence, each generation adopted the latest available technology of the time.

The Skyline is now outfitted with the ProPilot 2.0 system, a driver assistance system which allows owners to drive hands-free while cruising thanks to driver monitoring tech. It can assist drivers with passing and switching lanes and, if a driver does not respond to the audio and visual prompts made by the system, it automatically turns on the vehicle's hazard lights, slows down the car, sends out an SOS call to an emergency service line.

The ProPilot 2.0 system is standard for all hybrid two-wheel and all-wheel drive trims.

In addition to the technology upgrade, the Skyline's interior and exterior have been freshened up, giving the family car a streamlined, sportier aesthetic. The new Intelligent Dynamic Suspension coupled with the Direct Adaptive Steering will help the model's drive feel as athletic as it looks on the outside.

The new Skyline is available in varying combinations of four different grades -- GT, GT Type P, GT Type SP, and 400 R -- and three powertrains - 2WD hybrid, 4WD hybrid, and 4WD V6. When the model launches in Japan this fall, pricing will start at about $39,490.