For Jeep enthusiasts, Christmas really arrives each year at Easter. And that's because it's when those Jeep enthusiasts can go to the automaker's annual Moab Easter Safari event, which every year features some very exciting off-road concepts. To ramp up the excitement ahead of this year's Moab Easter Safari, Jeep has just released a couple of teaser images of concepts that will be making their debuts at the event being held this year between March 24 and April 1.

One of the two images that have been released is quite obviously a version of the two-door 2018 Wrangler with a number of small changes from the production model. The inspiration for this concept starts to become blindingly obvious when you spot the "Jeepster" badge on the front wing.

The Jeepster Commando was a longer version of the Jeep that was around during the 1960s and 1970s. It was a little more civilized and comfortable than the regular model and had an available hardtop that featured a distinctive slant towards the rear. This new take on the Jeepster theme appears to be a much more off-road-focused model than the Jeepster Commando, with big chunky tires, the full-size spare wheel moved inside, and petrol cans mounted to the back door.

The second of the two images also shows some kind of Wrangler, but it's hard to see what is going to make this one so different from a regular model. The front wings have been seriously scaled down and the front bumper has been removed, which seems to have been done to accommodate what appear to be some massive tires and to allow for a great deal of suspension travel. There's also a large scoop on the hood, and that could mean there's something pretty special sitting in the engine compartment of this one. LED headlights also seem to be in evidence, but that's about all we can gleam for the moment.