If an Aston Martin isn't already exclusive enough for you, there are always 'Q by Aston Martin' models if you have enough money and are quick enough to get your hands on one when they are released. The latest of these super-exclusive Astons are a couple of very special takes on the DB11 in the shape of the Henley Royal Regatta DB11 Volante, and the DB11 Classic Driver Edition.

'Q by Aston Martin' is the British luxury sports car manufacturer's bespoke customization service, which has been offering customers almost limitless opportunities to personalize their Astons since it was established in 2012. But to complicate things a little, 'Q by Aston Martin' is actually split into two distinct categories to offer varying levels of customization and customer interaction: ‘Q by Aston Martin – Collection' and ‘Q by Aston Martin – Commission.'

The first of the new cars is from 'Q by Aston Martin – Commission' and is a one-off version of the DB11 Volante, marking the company's continued Official Automotive Partnership with the Henley Royal Regatta.

Taking its inspiration from elite rowing's fusion of technology and tradition, the Henley Royal Regatta DB11 Volante is finished in the stunning White Stone paint color, with an interior trimmed in Red Oxide Caithness leather. The car also features technical carbon fiber complete with stainless steel crossed oar motifs and hand-painted pale blue accents, which take inspiration from the rowing club's markings found on the blades of rowers' oars.

The second car is the DB11 Classic Driver Edition from ‘Q by Aston Martin – Collection', which has been created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Classic Driver, the world's first website for sophisticated car collectors and enthusiasts.

This one was the result of a close collaboration between Classic Driver's lead designer, Benjamin Knapp Voith and Q by Aston Martin, and is available as both a V8-powered Coupe and Volante. However, only 20 units will ever be built in total. These are finished in a fabulous deep, gloss dark grey paint called Classic Driver Grey, which is complemented by a 'Q by Aston Martin – Collection' carbon-fiber body pack and uniquely finished with a bespoke satin Eifel Green lacquer.

This unique colour scheme is continued through into the interior, where the seats, dashboard, and steering wheel have been beautifully trimmed in exclusive Eifel Green Caithness leather. And to finish things off, the Classic Driver logo has been embroidered into the headrests in Parliament Green thread.

If you would like to purchase the Henley Royal Regatta DB11 Volante it will set you back $347,820, while the slightly less exclusive DB11 Classic Driver Edition models cost from $346,565.