A Montana federal judge has halted construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline previously approved by U.S. President Donald Trump. Plus, the sexting scandal surrounding Conservative MP Tony Clement continues.

1. Pressing pause: TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline has suffered another setback after a U.S. federal judge blocked its construction to take a closer look at the potential environmental impact.

2. Clement scandal: MP Tony Clement has admitted to partaking in numerous inappropriate online exchanges that he says "led to acts of infidelity."

3. California gunman: As California residents attend vigils to mourn the victims of Wednesday night’s shooting, more information is being revealed about the gunman -- former U.S. Marine Ian David Long.

4. McClintic transferred: After weeks of public outrage, one of Tori Stafford’s killers Terri-Lynne McClintic has been transferred back into a prison from an Indigenous healing lodge.

5. Hair donations: The Canadian Cancer Society will no longer accept hair donations in 2019 saying there’s less of a demand as more patients are choosing affordable, synthetic options over real-hair wigs.

One more thing...

Dating woes: A Dutch motivational speaker, 69, has kicked off a battle to legally lower his age by 20 years to get more Tinder dates.