TORONTO -- Canada has vaccinated more than 754,000 people with their first dose, and more than 114,000 with their second dose. Here’s what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Travel restrictions: At his briefing Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated federal public health guidance to avoid all non-essential travel, both abroad and between provinces, and that an announcement on travel restrictions would come very soon

2. 'Fear and worry': The death of Yassin Dabeh, a former Syrian refugee who died from COVID-19, is a sign of the "human rights catastrophe" facing newcomers and migrants working on the front lines, advocates say.  

3. ArriveCan data: A government app used to facilitate international arrivals into Canada may have had access to users' location data, despite its privacy policy explicitly saying otherwise, a U.K. virtual private network research firm report alleges.  

4. PTSD treatment: With few psychologists trained to understand or treat racial trauma, a form of PTSD, some researchers are looking at alternative solutions like psychedelic drugs to help -- and the results have been significant and encouraging, they say.  

5. 'This too shall pass': While the pandemic has changed many aspects of everyday life, some may be struggling to cope with those changes. One psychotherapist says recognizing discomfort early on can help people to adapt.  

One more thing…

Howl at the moon: Sky watchers can expect to catch a glimpse of 2021's first full moon, known as the "Wolf Moon," as it lights up the nighttime from dusk till dawn beginning Thursday.   

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