One month ago, 16-year-old Sean Quigley was just an ordinary student attending Oak Park High School in Winnipeg. Today, Quigley has become a YouTube sensation thanks to his rock rendition of the classic Christmas tune, "The Little Drummer Boy."

"I had no idea this was going to happen," Quigley told CTV's Canada AM on Monday.

Up on YouTube for less than a week, Quigley's video ode to this holiday standard has been seen in 128 countries and earned more than 165,000 hits as of Monday morning.

The catchy video also pays tribute to the song's message about the true spirit of Christmas. That resonated deeply with Quigley, a Christian teen who plays drums in his local church.

"About a month ago I started thinking about this song," said Quigley.

"It's the story of a little boy going to find Jesus and not having any gifts to bring -- he just plays his drum. That spoke to me so much," he said.

The teen's production is all the more remarkable considering Quigley played all the instruments, sang the vocals, recorded everything and directed and edited the video.

Using a Canon digital camera and with the help of his sister, Quigley's DIY project plays with surprising quality.

Even the freshly fallen snow that covers Winnipeg's streets seems made to order.

"God helped us out with the snow," said Quigley. "The fact that it was perfect was a blessing."

It's too early to tell if "The Little Drummer Boy" will turn Quigley into Canada's next Justin Bieber. For now, Quigley is contenting himself with the feedback he is receiving from his new fans.

"I posted this video online and watched and waited," said Quigley.

"I'm hearing lots of positive things. People love it."