Ottawa police say they've discovered a second package containing a body part after a human foot was delivered to the Conservative Party's headquarters Tuesday.

The foot was delivered in a blood-stained box to Tory headquarters on Albert Street Tuesday morning, prompting a swift response from police.

Late Tuesday, Ottawa police said they intercepted a second package containing another body part. Details were not immediately available.

The coroner's office in Ottawa confirmed the foot inside the first box was indeed human.

CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr said police have yet to confirm why the foot was sent to Tory headquarters, who the foot belonged to or whether it belonged to a man or woman.

Sgt. Steve Hodgson, who was at the scene, said a receptionist at the party's 12th floor offices had only partially opened the package before calling police.

"The initial package was opened and it was deemed suspicious," he said.

"It wasn't opened any further. It was our Hazmat Team that eventually took a look at it."

CTV's Richard Madan reported Tuesday evening that the 12th floor of the building was put under lockdown. In addition to being home to the Conservative Party offices, the building houses at least a dozen embassies.

Tory MP Brad Trost arrived at the offices for a meeting, but was told by police it would be best if he left.

"It's just awful," Trost said, speculating that it was probably someone's "sick idea."

He added: "I don't think any of us are thinking this necessarily has anything to with politics."

The Ottawa police major crimes unit is leading the investigation.

Meanwhile, police in Montreal say they are in touch with their counterparts in Ottawa after a human torso was found in a suitcase behind a residential building Tuesday morning.

Investigators in Montreal are sifting though garbage behind the building in the Cotes des Neiges neighbourhood to find any evidence that may be connected to the torso.

"We are taking the information from Ottawa also to make sure, if parts are missing here in Montreal, whose foot is missing in Ottawa?" Const. Daniel Fortier told CP.

"We are still looking in the garbage to find if there are other parts missing. We are still looking."

Fortier said just because the two forces are communicating about their cases does not mean the two are related.

"That's why we must perform autopsies in Montreal and Ottawa," he said.