QUEBEC - The Quebec government dug in its heels Wednesday in a fight against a Muslim woman who was kicked out of a French class for wearing face-covering religious garb.

The province hinted it will go even further and introduce guidelines for future situations like this one.

Deputy Premier Nathalie Normandeau didn't say specifically what action the government would take, but she said there would be measures soon.

She repeated that she supported the decision to expel the woman and that people receiving public services must have their faces uncovered.

The woman has filed a complaint against the provincial government with the Quebec Human Rights Commission.

Last November, the Immigration Department intervened and expelled the Egyptian-born woman after she refused to remove her face-covering niqab.

She had been enrolled in the course since February 2009.

But friends of the woman have said there is another side to the story, and that the woman felt she was being harassed.