Why should you choose Anguilla for your destination wedding?

I asked another Lorin -- Lorin Richardson with Anguilla’s Black Orchid Florist: “Like everybody else, it’s a getaway! When you look at the backdrop of where you’re going to be getting married, you can actually see it. It’s very beautiful, it’s clean, clear lines, waters, and it’s just going to be breathtakingly nice and simple.” He continued, “Most people just get away ‘cause they don’t wanna have the hassle of dealing with big city weddings. Or they just wanna get away because of the fact that you’re not going to have much people around. They can limit the amount of people attending your wedding…just to relax and get away from everybody, basically.”

Anguillatruly is a unique island. It is covered in powdery white sand beaches (33 to be exact), offers an amazing culinary scene and has no cookie-cutter all-inclusive resorts. It feels like the islands of 30 years ago, but with high-end resorts and world-class service. And for those who want to get married, it’s easy. You only need to be there for two days and pay the $284 cost of the license and away you go. For those who want a church wedding, Anguilla is one of the few islands where foreigners can get married in a local church. You only need proof of citizenship of your resident country; your passport or an original birth certificate accompanied by photo identification such as a driver’s license.

I would recommend the services of a wedding planner to assist you. It can be hard trying to plan a wedding from afar. If you have someone on the ground that you trust it can make the process truly enjoyable. According to Mimi Gratton with BlueSea Anguilla, “The Caribbean landscape can be difficult to navigate sometimes and especially in a small destination like Anguilla. There are some particularities as far as regulations and who to contact and finding the best vendors and who’s the most professional. So we’re kind of the liaison between all the legal bits that need to happen as far as a legal ceremony and finding the best most trusted reliable vendors to give you the best products and services.”

Some other tips and advice when planning a destination wedding:

  1. Have a budget and stick to it. The cost of a destination wedding can vary widely. For example, consider the time of year you’re planning. That will help with accommodation rates (especially if bringing a group down). For Anguilla the best time would be early November or mid-April. As well, if you love flowers, choose flowers that are in season. It will help with expense.
  2. Ask if there are any special regulations you should be aware of. Some destinations require a blood test, Anguilla does not.
  3. Do be prepared for bathing suit clad onlookers!
  4. Tell people not to bring gifts, you don’t want to be bringing your toaster home on the plane.
  5. As with any trip make sure to buy insurance.

Here are some people who can help you plan your dream wedding in Anguilla:

Antoinette Brooks, CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa.

Mimi Gratton, Blue Sea Anguilla.

Ernie Hodge, Couture Concepts.

Aurielle Tchetchenigbo-Carty, cinematographer.

Lorin Richardson, Black Orchid Florist.

Derrys Richardson, photographer.

And here in Canada, Calgary-based Romantic Planet can also help you plan your Anguilla getaway.