(Relaxnews) - Whether she's into running, cycling, yoga, or skiing, here are a few great gifts ideas that are sure to please.

Runtastic Libra

Runtastic's new Libra smartscale tracks not only weight but body fat, muscle mass, and body water content -- and all that data syncs to the Runtastic smartphone app via Bluetooth. $130.

Puma Soundchuck

Puma's compact and colorful speakers are wireless and weather-resistant, making them an ideal companion for picnics or yoga in the park. $130.

Beats by Dre

The latest Beats by Dre headphones are sleeker and more lightweight but promise the same great sound, while being easy to stash in a gym bag. $200.

Misfit Shine

One of the more elegant contenders on the market for tracking your fitness and sleep, the tiny, all-metal waterproof Misfit Shine can be worn in myriad minimalist ways, not just on your wrist, making it a popular choice for women in particular. $120.

Fitbug Orb

U.K.-based Fitbug has recently launched its low-priced Fitbug Orb for a sweet $49.95. Similar to the Misfit Shine, the Fitbug tracks sleep and activity metrics, including steps, distance, calories burned, and speed. Plus it uses Bluetooth Smart to sync the data to a free smartphone app.

Nike Arctic Monarch tights

Nike has just unveiled a sleek new pair of tights and matching sports bra featuring a fresh wintry pattern in gray and white with gold accents. Plus the tights are made from Nike Dri-FIT fabric to keep you dry even during hardcore workouts. $130.

Recon HUD goggles

For serious ski lovers, Recon Instruments recently unveiled its new and improved heads-up display (HUD), allowing wearers to see maps, speed, temperature, and playlists all while carving up the mountain. The built-in GPS enables full resort navigation, and the device allows you to read texts, view a call display and access your music player controls. $399.

Pear running coach

Pear Sports offers a mobile device that allows users to download training plans as well as receive guided workouts from expert coaches tailored to your heart rate. The kit also comes with a set of earphones, dubbed Pear Stride, via which you can hear personalized feedback while you work out, such as commands to push a little harder, or words of encouragement if the device senses you're burning out. $99.