Since the shooting death of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., tweets, images and videos have spread quickly on social media, giving a glimpse of what it's like to be on the ground in the St. Louis suburb. Here's a look at some of the social sharing among citizens:

First news of the incident one week agao may have come from a Twitter user who claims to have witnessed and live-tweeted the shooting on Aug. 9.

*Warning: Tweets contain profane language and graphic images. CTV News has not been able to verify the contents of these tweets."

The same user tweeted out these two photos.

Protests soon followed, with residents of Ferguson taking to the streets to demand justice for the slain teen. Antonio French, an alderman from St. Louis, captured photos and videos of some of the protests and posted them to his Twitter account.

But images emerged on Wednesday showing heavily armed police officers confronting the protesters.

Late Friday, following a brief period of relative peace after the Missouri Highway Patrol seized control of the security situation in Ferguson, some looters stormed several stores, including the same store Brown is accused of stealing a box of cigars from.

However, some residents and store-owners stepped in to protect the shops from the looters. Images of groups of protesters blocking the entrance ways also appeared on social media:

In this video, the residents protect a store from looters while chanting "I am Mike Brown!"

And on Saturday morning, photos emerged of residents pitching in to clean up the debris from Friday night's clashes.