Animal lovers have donated more than a thousand dollars to help a badly underweight dog who was abandoned at a shelter in Delaware with a heartbreaking letter attached.

Terrier mix Sky was found roaming the grounds of the Delaware Humane Association on Jan. 2 after her owners became homeless and could no longer afford to look after her.

The dog, weighing just 36.2 pounds, was wearing an oversized spiked leather harness with a bag attached and a note inside.

“Please take care of Sky, she is six-years-old and friendly,” the note read.

“I couldn’t take care of her. I became homeless and couldn’t feed her. She is not sick, just hungry. Please find her a home, please.”

In a Facebook post the humane association said it was thankful it found Sky on time. Since making the posts online, the shelter has received more than $1,200 in donations for food and toys.

“We can’t imagine this was easy for her former owner,” the post read.

“We are hopeful Sky’s condition improves and her spirits remain high. The most important thing is, she is safe with us.”

On Tuesday a man called the DHA claiming he was Sky’s owner and that he and his wife had recently lost their jobs.

The couple was unable to feed Sky and their large family, the shelter said.

“They believed it was selfish to keep her and felt their only option was to leave her in a place he knew she would be cared for,” the association wrote.

“He has heard about the outpouring of love and offers to help him, but he wants to remain anonymous. His life is starting to turn around and his only request is that we do what’s best for Sky and find her a good home.”

Sky has since gained weight and went on an overnight stay with a staff member.

“She knows she is loved,” the association said.

“Thank you all for your tremendous support for our girl. She still needs to gain an appropriate amount of weight prior to being spayed, so she will be required to be fostered and fixed before she can be officially adopted.”

Adoption applications are open until Jan. 10 and the shelter was due to start introducing Sky to potential owners on Tuesday.