At least 66 people have been reported dead, including 29 Islamist militants, after a bloody, four-day hostage situation at Algeria's remote Ain Amenas natural gas plant.

More than a dozen foreign workers remained unaccounted for as of Monday afternoon.

Here's the latest information from Algeria on the dead and missing:

The dead:

  • 29 Islamist militants, according to the Algerian government
  • 37 foreign hostages
  • 1 Algerian driver at the plant

Those confirmed dead so far include: seven workers from Japan, six from the Philippines, three each from Britain and the United States, two from Romania and one from France.

The missing hostages:

Algeria says five foreign hostages remain missing, but other governments say that number is too low.

  • JAPAN: 3 Japanese still missing
  • NORWAY: 5 Norwegian employees of Statoil are still missing
  • BRITAIN: 3 other Britons still missing and feared dead
  • THE PHILIPPINES: 4 Filipinos are still missing
  • MALAYSIA: 2 Malaysians are missing

The living:

  • 3 kidnappers captured
  •  685 Algerian plant workers freed
  •  107 foreign workers freed