One of the latest trends on the Internet is for websites to post uplifting stories that they claim will make us rethink our priorities -- make us look deep into ourselves and at our conceptions of humanity. There are websites entirely devoted to doing this, and often the videos and stories they post go viral.

Some people complain, however, that the videos and stories clogging up their Facebook newsfeeds are often preachy, sappy or fall well short of their intended purpose.

But it’s hard to imagine a recent video posted by a Down syndrome advocacy leaving anyone unmoved. And it serves as a great example of what can be achieved when these types of video are done right.

Not only is it beautifully shot, it was made with a real purpose.

Last month, CoorDown, a non-profit that works with people with Down syndrome and their families, received an email from an expecting mother who had recently found out her child would be born with Down syndrome. She said she was scared about the type of life her child would have.

Here’s the video CoorDown made in response.