Skin problems in winter are more common than you think. Here are some tips and product recommendations.


A daily shower is tempting, but showering in scalding temperatures tends to dry out your skin even more. Hot water removes natural oils from the skin, and the more oils removed, the drier the skin becomes.

Moisturize, moisturize, MOISTURIZE

Moisturizing is an essential part of our skin regimen, but particularly so in this dry, freezing weather. Be sure to choose a product that is specific to your skin type and remember to apply within a few minutes of bathing to trap much-needed water.

Get a humidifier

Yes, it takes up space, but the added vapor will hyper-hydrate your skin and help prevent a flaky, itchy outer layer. Hotel rooms are notorious for being dry so if you travel a lot bring a portable humidifier with you.


Brush you lips with a tooth brush to remove dead skin and coat with chap stick or vasiline to keep them moist.
While a cold sore is caused by a virus cold winter weather can be a trigger. Dry lips get cracks and when the integrity of the skin is interrupted bacteria and virus can enter.


Cracks in the skin on your heels are commonly known as heel fissures. They usually occur when skin becomes dry and aggravates the thick, brittle calluses on your heels. Some people experience deep cracks that feel painful and can even bleed or get infected so ordinary lotion may not be enough and you’ll require special lotion for this.

Product Recommendations



Face Moisturizers

Body Moisturizers


Keratosis Pilaris


Cold Sores/Dry lips

  • Xerese (prescription)
  • Cortate ointment (prescription)