If you're looking for a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy, seekingarrangement.com is the website for you.

The year-old website offers to facilitate relationships between "an older and wealthy individual who gives a young person expensive gifts or financial assistance in return for friendship, intimacy or sex."

Sugar daddies pay US$35 a month to access profiles of sugar babies on the site. The sugar babies can join for free as long as they complete a profile and send in a photo.

The site's founder, 36-year-old Brandon Wade, admits that money is as important as love on his website.

"The website is about money and wealth, which some women find attractive," Wade told CTV's Canada AM on Monday. "In the case of an attractive woman, guys are attracted to beauty -- those are the parts of human nature that are just normal."

Still, Wade says romance does often spark between users.

"With money, it's a lot easier to romance someone," he said. "In this case the women go there knowing that they would meet a guy who is probably a gentleman, who has the money and is probably generous and would pay for the date and treat them very well."

One sugar baby was recently flown to Los Angeles, put up in a five-star hotel and taken by limo to a party at a huge mansion, said Wade.

Diamond members on the site pay $1,000 to have their wealth verified by the company but most people are honest, said Wade. However, sometimes people misrepresent who they are.

Some men have posted 10-year-old photos while another man showed up for a date in a used Honda, rather than the Mercedes he claimed he owned.

For those seeking discretion, the website works as an effective forum.

"The last thing I want is for my wife to find out that I am searching for a discreet relationship or having an extramarital affair," Mark said in a recent press release from the company. "Being able to remain discreet and anonymous is what I like most."

The website has 100,000 users, including 2,900 Canadians.

Toronto and Vancouver have the most users but business is also growing in Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Wade also runs seekingmillionaire.com, which is meant to hook up wealthy singles.