(Relaxnews) - Sleeping on air could finally become a reality, thanks to a new bed set to go on show at the Gadget Show Live in the UK this month.

Featuring a patented air ball system, the Balluga Smart Interactive bed allows you to control the firmness and exact temperature of your mattress through a combination of built-in climate control and vibro massage technology.

Additional features include using the bed to monitor the security of your house, sync your iTunes, set lighting preferences or provide a docking station for your e-reader, which automatically turns off once you fall asleep.

E-book texts can be projected onto the ceiling for easier nighttime reading and various idyllic landscape settings can be projected onto the walls. All the settings are controlled by an app, and couples can even choose different settings for each side of the bed.

The bed uses layers of hygienic air-filled cells designed to mold perfectly to the shape of your body to offer a tailored sleeping experience. The cells can be easily cleaned, reducing the risk of termites or other hygiene issues associated with traditional mattresses.

The bed will be available for purchase from VeryFirstTo from November at a price of £999. Gadget Show Live runs April 9-13 in Birmingham.