A “headless chicken monster,” otherwise known as a deep-sea swimming cucumber, was filmed for the first time in the Southern Ocean off east Antarctica.

Enypniastes eximia had previously only been captured on camera swimming in the Gulf of Mexico before this new footage was released.

The Australian government’s Antarctic division for commercial long-line fishing filmed the creature with their underwater camera system.

“Some of the footage we are getting back from the cameras is breathtaking, including species we have never seen in this part of the world,” Australian Antarctic division program leader Dr. Dirk Welsford said.

“Most importantly, the cameras are providing important information about areas of sea floor that can withstand this type of fishing, and sensitive areas that should be avoided.” he added.

Both the footage and the subsequent data that was compiled will be presented at the annual meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources in Hobart, Australia on Monday.

According to the group’s website, the commission was “established by international convention in 1982 with the objective of conserving Antarctic marine life.”

The 10-day meeting will also address ideas and proposals on how to respond to climate change.