In another attempt to ensure users never have a reason to log off of Facebook -- like, ever -- the social media giant has now added voice-messaging and voice-calling for some mobile users.

If you’re an iPhone user living in Canada, you can now use the messenger app to make phone calls simply by tapping the "i" button in the top right corner, then selecting "Free Call."

Canada is the first country where the voice-calling service is being released.

The service uses Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) to allow users to make phone calls and uses a caller's existing data plan. Reports add that the service is still in the testing phase, which is why it hasn't yet been offered to the rest of the Facebook world just yet.

Another new service -- which is now available for all Facebook users on iOS and Android platforms -- allows users to record voicemail messages up to one minute in length, and then sends them off to a friend -- much like a BlackBerry voice note.

In order to use the new feature, users simply tap the "+" symbol next to the message box, press record, and continue holding the button while recording the message. Releasing the button automatically sends the message, while sliding off cancels it.

In order to use either of the new services, users will have to update to the latest version of the Facebook mobile application.

According to reports, there are no plans to add either the voice-messaging or calling service to the web version of Facebook.