Facebook is adding a new section to the accounts of deceased users that will serve as a kind of digital shrine, the website has announced.

Some users were recently notified that a feature called “tributes” will be introduced to “memorialized accounts.” The new section is a “special place” for friends and family to post stories, celebrate a birthday and generally share memories, the site says in its Help Center. The feature is not yet available everywhere.

“We are running a limited test for people in select countries to give our community a dedicated section on Facebook memorialized profiles to share memories of loved ones,” said a Facebook spokesperson in an email to CTVNews.ca

The move expands on the 2015 introduction of “legacy contacts,” the person chosen to be the executor of the account after a user dies. A legacy contact will have the power to review tribute posts, limit who can view and contribute to the new section, as well as delete posts and remove tags referring to their loved one.

A legacy contact’s access to the rest of the memorialized account remains limited as they still can’t log in to read messages, remove friends or make new friend requests.