Urban transport could be a whole lot easier in the future with the creation of a collapsible scooter that can be worn as a belt.

Weighing just 1.7 kg, the scooter is the brainchild of design graduate Ádám Török.

Made from a combination of plywood and iron, the scooter features a vertebrae-esque metal steering mechanism which can be adjusted to the user's height for better security and easier movement.

When not in use the flexible steering mechanism can be wrapped around the user's waist.

"This design was born to live together with the public transport, in the situations when you really have no free place for anything," Török explains.

"This project does not aim to increase the pace of life and getting around, it is more about slow movement, which can give us time to take in the world and to reflect."

Török created the piece as part of his graduation project, but following an exhibit at Budapest Design Week, a final prototype model is in progress.

Earlier this year, a foldable bike called Vello was launched on Kickstarter and is expected to ship in March 2015.