OTTAWA – As the diplomatic tiff between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump wages on, Trudeau made an impromptu visit to a supply management event happening near Parliament Hill Tuesday.

"There's a bit of a patriotic boost going on these past few days," Trudeau said to laughs from a table of stakeholders gathered under a tent at the outdoor food event.

After concluding his weekly morning cabinet meeting, Trudeau and Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay made their way to a pop-up diner on Ottawa’s Sparks Street, hosted by several farm associations that represent supply-managed farmers and producers of eggs, chicken, turkey, and dairy.

The sector has voiced concern about Trump's recent threat of more tariffs, specifically on Canada’s supply-managed dairy, and auto sector. The U.S. president has also taken personal aim at the prime minister, who has yet to specifically address the ongoing attacks.

Speaking with the farmers, Trudeau said he came out because he wanted to communicate the government's support.

"There's going to be ups and downs in negotiations as there always are, moments of a little more intensity and moments where we’re all getting along, but throughout one of the things that has helped us so much is that Canadians have stuck together across party lines, across provincial capitals… there is a common approach," Trudeau said.

He said this support—evidenced in the House of Commons Monday when all sides signed on to a symbolic motion championing the steel, aluminum, and supply management sectors—has helped Canada at the negotiating table.

One of the stakeholders at the table with Trudeau was Egg Farmers of Canada Chairman Roger Pelissero. He told CTV News he appreciated Trudeau's support, and shrugged off Trump's comments.

He said that his American egg farmer counterparts are happy with the current trade dynamic, despite Trump's opposition.

"You have two different stories to the south and in the north we’re solidified on our position," he said.

Trudeau is scheduled to meet behind closed doors with the Dairy Farmers of Canada later Thursday afternoon.