A staff member working for Ontario Economic Development Minister Brad Duguid has resigned after some of the minister’s Christmas cards went out with the incorrect postage.

Duguid said the staff member resigned after some of his cards were mailed out using a “franking” sticker. The stickers, which read “Her Majesty’s Service” and allow senders to mail letters without paying postage, are usually only used by federal members of Parliament and senators.

Provincial MPPs must use regular postage stamps on their cards and the cost must be covered by their office budgets.

Initially Duguid said the staff member responsible for mailing the cards said the postage had been paid and that he had followed protocol. But as more questions were raised on Wednesday, Duguid later said that “it became evident this was not the case.”

Duguid said he has accepted the staffer’s resignation.

Federal Minister Steven Fletcher, who is responsible for Canada Post, released a statement concerning the mailed cards.

“These are very serious allegations of fraud that we expect Canada Post to fully investigate and cooperate with law enforcement if necessary,” said Fletcher.

Duguid said he will pay for any postage costs for the mailed cards and will co-operate with any request for further information from the federal government or Canada Post.

With a report from CTV London’s Cristina Howorun