The federal Conservatives continue to positively trend in the weekly Nanos Party Power Index. In the national index tracking which has scores out of 100 the Liberals are at 56 points, the Conservatives at 54 points, the NDP are at 51 points, the Green Party at 31 points and the BQ are at 28 points out of 100 (QC only) respectively.

The Tories have hit a new 12-month high in the Nanos weekly tracking.

Also of note, for the first time in a year, the Tories have surpassed the Liberals in the index in the vote-rich province of Ontario.

On the preferred PM front, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has numerically surpassed Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for the first time in four months.

In the latest weekly tracking 32 per cent of Canadians say Harper is their preferred choice for PM followed by Trudeau at 30 per cent, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair at 20 per cent and Green Leader Elizabeth May at four per cent (14 per cent were unsure).

Even with the emerging trends on the leadership and index fronts, the proportion of accessible voters for all of the parties remains near their 12 month average.

Asked a series of independent questions, 52 per cent of Canadians would consider voting Liberal, 41 per cent would consider voting NDP, 41 per cent would consider voting Conservative and 28 per cent would consider voting for the Green Party of Canada.