TORONTO -- When election time comes around, every party promises the moon. Money for this. More money for that. Repeal this law. Revamp that program.

In the battle for the electorate’s hearts and minds, it can be difficult for voters to keep all the platforms straight. is here to help. We’ve compiled the promises made by five major parties in one place.

Some of these pledges were made well before the election was called and may not be full representations of each party’s official platform. We will update these lists as we become aware of new and altered commitments.

Note: is tracking the promises of the 5 federal parties that have met the qualifying criteria -- established by the Leaders' Debates Commission -- to take part in September's federal election debates.


Development by Jesse Tahirali. Contributions by Rachel Aiello, Sarah Turnbull, Jackie Dunham, Brooklyn Neustaeter, Solarina Ho, Christy Somos, Ryan Flanagan, Brooke Taylor, Ben Cousins, and Jeremiah Rodriguez. Edited by producer Phil Hahn