TORONTO -- A good election campaign demands clever nicknames for the buses and planes that carry journalists travelling with Ontario's party leaders.

It's a tradition.

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne's bus has been dubbed "Wynnebago," while the handful of reporters on Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak's media bus opted for "Dodge Caravan" -- because of the way he responds to questions.

Hudak happened to be riding with the reporters when they agreed on "Dodge Caravan" and, after a loud groan, he offered to take two more questions each day.

However, he did admit the answers would still be "one million jobs."

Hudak insists there is only one issue in the June 12 election -- the need to create new jobs -- and he manages to get that idea into virtually ever answer he gives, regardless of the question asked.

The media with NDP Leader Andrea Horwath have apparently named the bus "Easy Rider."

In 2011, the NDP plane was named "Starvair," because on one day early in the campaign, the New Democrats took reporters on a marathon tour of the north with no food or coffee.

The Liberal bus was then called "Obusity" because of the over-abundance of food -- perhaps a ploy to lull reporters into a food coma.

The Liberal plane was named "Debt From Above" for obvious reasons.