The Conservative Party’s newly elected interim leader Rona Ambrose says she’s looking forward to party “renewal” and wants to send a strong message to all Canadians. 

“They have a home in the Conservative Party,” Ambrose told CTV’s Canada AM Friday. “Young, old – all communities.”

Ambrose said she’s confident in the party’s ability to reconnect with voters after Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won a majority government in last month’s election.

“When I think about our basic values, I think about that stay-at-home mom who knows how to make do on a small budget, I think about a small business owner or a young women who’s an entrepreneur,” Ambrose said.

She said the Conservative base includes people from various backgrounds, “and I feel like we’ve lost that optimistic connection with them.”

Conservative MPs and senators voted Thursday to make Ambrose their interim leader as the party assumes the role of Official Opposition.

Ambrose, an Edmonton-area MP who has held several cabinet positions in Stephen Harper’s government, said her colleagues “came together with optimism” at that caucus meeting.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity to lead them and be part of something that’s about renewal,” she told Canada AM.

Ambrose, who will be moving into Stornoway, the official residence of opposition leader, said her new role is a “good fit.”

“I’ve always been known to be a bridge builder,” she said. “We’re going to take our role seriously and be constructive and effective.”