Canada has imposed new economic sanctions on nine additional Russian individuals and two Russian banks.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the new sanctions in a statement released Monday. Travel bans will also be imposed on the nine Russians.

"Our Government has been very clear that any further intimidation or actions to de-stabilize the Ukrainian government will result in consequences," the statement said.

"Until Russia clearly demonstrates its respect for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, Canada will continue to work with its allies and like-minded countries to apply pressure that will further isolate Russia economically and politically."

CTV News has learned that six CF-18 fighter jets, which the Canadian government recently announced it would be contributing as part of a NATO operation in response to the crisis in Ukraine, will be stationed in Romania.

The planes, which will be leaving from CFB Bagotville on Tuesday, will be conducting Baltic air patrols.

The new Canadian sanctions came on the same day the U.S. imposed sanctions on seven officials from the Russian government, along with 17 companies with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin's associates.

The U.S. sanctions were levied in conjunction with the EU, which has frozen the assets of 15 individuals who are allegedly involved with fuelling volatility in eastern Ukraine. The EU has also imposed visa bans on the 15 individuals.

The White House said that Russia's involvement in the recent violence in eastern Ukraine is indisputable, and the U.S. and its allies are prepared to consider deeper penalties if necessary.

This is not the first round of sanctions Canada has imposed on Russian nationals and businesses.

In early April, Ottawa announced travel bans on Valery Medvedev, chair of the Sevastopol Electoral Commission, and the chair of the Crimean Electoral Commission Mikhail Malyshev. The government also imposed sanctions on Chornomornaftogaz, an oil and gas company in Crimea.

These sanctions follow earlier travel bans imposed on several senior Russian bureaucrats, and the expulsion of Russian diplomat Lt.-Col. Yury Bezler from the country in early April.

Russia has countered many of the Canadian sanctions with sanctions of its own. In March, Russia slapped entry bans on 13 Canadian lawmakers and officials, and last week Russia expelled a Canadian diplomat from the country.

Canada will be sending up to 500 people to Ukraine next month to help monitor the country's presidential election.

With files from CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson, The Associated Press and The Canadian Press