WARNING: Graphic details in this story may be disturbing to some readers.

A note sent with a severed foot to Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa indicated that more body parts had been sent in the mail, and that the person who dismembered the victim would kill again, CTV News has learned.

Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported late Wednesday that the note with the foot, which arrived at Tory headquarters Tuesday morning, said six body parts had been distributed. Police found a severed hand in a parcel addressed to Liberal Party headquarters in Ottawa later Tuesday.

"Canada Post and the police are now working, trying to find those four other missing body parts," Fife said.

"And that note also said that the suspect indicated he would kill again, and that is why the police are trying to find him, and fast. Police say there is no political motivation behind this, this was the work of a madman."

The shocking news comes after Montreal police issued a Canada-wide warrant for a 29-year-old suspect in the case of a severed torso found in a suitcase in Montreal, the severed foot sent to Tory headquarters and the hand intercepted at the Ottawa post office.

Police said Wednesday they are seeking male model and porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta, who also uses the names Eric Clinton Newman and Vladimir Romanov.

A video that may be connected to the body parts case has been making the rounds on the Internet. It purportedly shows a young man being stabbed and dismembered.

The video was posted to a website that specializes in gory videos and photos, but by Wednesday evening the link was slow to load and the video disabled.

A written description of the video's contents posted to the same site suggests it shows two naked young men, one stabbing the other with an ice pick. The killer then dismembers the corpse and engages in sexual acts with the body and its severed parts.

The written description also says the killer cannibalizes the corpse.

Police have confirmed they have obtained a video in relation to the case. However, there was no confirmation late Wednesday that it is the same video making the rounds online.

CTV's Daniele Hamamdjian reported via Twitter Wednesday that Montreal police were "trying to remove decapitation video from website but say by now, it's all over the internet & ‘probably will be forever.'"

It's believed that the male victim knew his assailant, Montreal police Commander Ian Lafreniere told reporters.

Lafraniere said anyone with information about Magnotta's whereabouts should call 911 immediately.

"This is a priority for us," Lafraniere said. "We really need to get in touch with that suspect as soon as possible."

Homicide investigators are also still trying to establish a clear link between the torso and the severed foot and hand that were mailed to Ottawa.

Police will have to wait for DNA tests to confirm the link, said Lafreniere. Meanwhile, Ottawa police have confirmed that the body parts sent to Ottawa originated in Montreal.

Lafreniere confirmed that the torso, which was found Tuesday morning in a pile of garbage behind an apartment in the Cote-des-Neiges neighbourhood, belonged to a white male, but said the victim's identity has yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, police in Montreal are sifting through a second-floor apartment in the Cote-des-Neiges near the Decarie Expressway that has been identified as a crime scene.

The building's manager told The Canadian Press that Magnotta had lived there for about four months. Residents told CP that a horrible stench had been emanating from the unit.

Eric Schorer, the building's manager, said Magnotta "seemed like a nice guy."

While Lafreniere would say little about the crime scene, reporters who looked in the open doorway noticed a great deal of blood.

"For most of the officers that have been there all night long, this is the kind of crime scene they've never seen in their life, in their career," Lafreniere said. "So yes I can consider that a horrible crime."

Internet searches for Magnotta bring up a variety of lurid stories about the suspect, including a possible connection to kitten snuff films that were posted online.

A website, luka-magnotta.net, contains several glamour shots of the suspect, who has claimed to work as a male model.

Magnotta gave an interview to a Toronto newspaper five years ago, denying reports that he was dating convicted killer Karla Homolka. When asked about the rumoured connection between Magnotta and Homolka, Lafreniere said police have heard about it.

"I've got no reasons to doubt about it," he said.

Magnotta has also written several lengthy blog posts that appear online, including a 2009 piece entitled "How to Completely Disappear and Never Be Found." The blog offers a six-step process to shedding an identity, including cutting ties with all friends and acquaintances and acquiring false identification.

Lafreniere said Wednesday that Magnotta does not have a criminal record.

Conservative Party staffers quickly called police on Tuesday when the blood-stained package arrived at the 12th-floor office.

A staffer had begun to open the package, but became suspicious due to the overwhelming smell and blood stains on the outside of the parcel.

Police were contacted and a hazardous material team was brought in to perform an X-ray on the package, and determined it contained what appeared to be a human foot.

Then late Tuesday, Ottawa police confirmed they had seized another package at a Canada Post office. That parcel contained a hand, and late Wednesday police confirmed the package had been addressed to Liberal Party headquarters.

Lafreniere said there appears to be no political motivation for the mailings. He said both Ottawa police and the RCMP are assisting with the investigation.

"The two parts of a body that were found in Ottawa, we've got all the reasons to believe it's linked to our homicide," he said. "That's the reason why the Ottawa police and the RCMP are working with us."