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Cameron French

CTVNews.ca writer



October, 2021: Cameron French is no longer with the company.

Cameron French is a Toronto-based freelance news writer who has covered everything from Bay Street corporate crime to the 2010 G20 protests to the glorious but entirely questionable Pillow Fight League.

Cam spent more than a decade as a reporter and senior reporter at Reuters News Agency, covering financial news, politics, local issues and the Toronto Film Festival. His reporting has taken him to Yellowknife, Paris, New York, Santiago, and various underrated Canadian cities.

More recently, he has worked as a freelancer covering parenting issues, mining, and investing. He has also taught a few college courses and has worked as an editor for UNICEF.

Cam holds a Bachelor of Humanities from McMaster University and a Journalism Graduate Certificate from Humber College. He is an avid runner, proud father, and committed vegan 6 days a week. He speaks English and very shaky French. He joined the CTVNews.ca team in 2021.

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