OTTAWA – Members of the Independent Senators Group have asked the Senate Ethics Officer and the Senate Internal Economy committee to look into whether newly independent Sen. Lynn Beyak’s "deeply offensive" posts on her website breached Senate conduct.

"A request was filed this morning with the Senate Ethics Officer, seeking an opinion on whether the posting of these materials on Beyak's website constitutes a violation of the Senate Ethics and Conflict of Interest Code," said Sen. Yuen Pau Woo, leader of the Independent Senators Group.

The group is a collection of independent senators.

Beyak is technically a "non-affiliated" Senator following her ouster from the Conservative caucus late last week, after a dispute with Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer over the 100 letters that were posted to her website backing Beyak's position on residential schools, or commenting on Indigenous people in general.

The senator is not part of the Independent Senate Group.

The ethics officer has been asked to look at whether Beyak upheld the Senate ethics code in regards to the "highest standards of dignity inherent to the position of Senator." As well, the committee has been asked to consider whether posting what many have classified as racist content, constitutes a "misuse" of Senate resources.

Woo, in the statement announcing the inquiry, said that hosting the messages on the Senate of Canada’s website, "is not consistent with the role of the Upper House as a unifying force for the country and as a defender of minorities."

"Many of the messages posted on Senator Beyak's website are deeply offensive to Canadians," Woo said.

Deputy facilitator of the group of senators, Sen. Raymonde Saint-Germain said the group of Beyak's peers "look forward to a full and fair investigation on Senator Beyak’s behaviour, and to the needed resolutions."