A 12-year-old Ontario boy is making waves in the art world.

Painter Evan Sharma, of Kingston, Ont., has already received critical acclaim for his impressionist creations. The young artist will showcase some of his work at this weekend’s Artist Project art fair in Toronto.

Sharma’s colourful portfolio includes landscape paintings, as well as portraits of famous individuals, including musician John Lennon and actor Clint Eastwood.

In an interview on CTV’s Canada AM on Thursday, Sharma said he began sketching when he was three, but became inspired during a trip to the Louvre in Paris, France, where he saw Leonardo Da Vinci’s famed Mona Lisa painting.

“It amazed me that such a small painting could have such a big influence on lots of people,” Sharma said. “So that’s when I really started to paint, I just want to do really creative things and inspire a lot of people.”

To see more of Sharma’s vibrant paintings, visit his website.

Evan Sharma's 'Lennon' painting