Nuseir Yassin can’t stay in the same place for too long -- even a few weeks is pushing it.

Every day, Yassin, better known online as Nas Daily, releases one-minute travel videos showcasing the people he meets and the places he visits.

His hustle has paid off with more than eight million online followers viewing his exploits around the world. The Israeli-Palestinian has set foot in 60 countries and counting, visiting places like Hong Kong, Iceland, Kenya, Colombia, India, Malta and most recently touching down in Canada.

“I can’t stay in the same place for more than 20 days because I need to make a video every single day on a different topic,” he told CTV News Channel Friday. “People get bored if I (would) stay in Canada or Israel for a month — so I go in and I go out as fast as possible.”

He’s in the middle of his trip to Canada and his latest video covered the Toronto Reference Library -- which he says was unlike any library he’s ever been to.

“I do videos on things that excite me… things that are new to me,” Yassin said, adding that he’d never heard of libraries hosting a video studio and shoe- and sushi-making classes.

“Canada is one of the best countries. There’s so much to see here. Granted, you might need a jacket (but) there’s so much to see and so much to do. I’m here to chase stories.”

Yassin is on his way to Newfoundland where he says he wants to make videos about the accents of people on the East Coast, the Town of Gander, which welcomed 6,700 diverted passengers on 9/11, as well as the “very interesting” Museum of Flat Earth in Barr'd Islands, N.L.

He’s also planning to see the high tides in Nova Scotia before heading back to Israel. He doesn’t shy from difficult topics, covering the strife between Israelis and Palestinians and even a landmine field in Armenia.

His most-watched video, with nearly 70 million views on Facebook, covers how the Dead Sea is shrinking.                                                                                                        

For almost two years Yassin has been making his quick videos but he knows he won’t be able to forever. He’s nearly wrapping up his 1,000-day trip around the world.

Before all of the fame, he had to give up quite a bit to chase his dream.

In 2016, he quit a lucrative coding job working for the PayPal-owned money-transfer app, Venmo, where he said he was making upwards of US$100,000 a year. Once he saved up enough money he decided to embrace his itch to travel.

Yassin says the travel bug didn’t have to bite too hard to push him to leave as he admits he’s “easily bored” and called travel “a logical next step.”

It wasn’t his intention to make a living making these travel videos and told CTV News Channel that it “blows my mind” when he thinks about the millions of views he gets from his video series. He was surprised that people started sharing his videos because he said “nobody cared” about the first 300 videos he released.

He typically spends around 10 hours of editing and shooting for each of his videos, which consume much of his day. He now travels with a small team who help with ideas and shooting.

And if you’re looking to follow in his footsteps, Yassin says travelling isn’t as expensive as one might think.

He says that travelling was also a way for him to save money compared to living in New York City. He says this was especially true when it came to Yassin travelling to places like India where “you can live there for 10 per cent of what you would in Canada.”