Saskatoon Police Services never wanna hear you say they can't belt it.

Early Friday morning, the SPS released a lip-sync music video set to "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys.

The video, which also features a reenacted scene from hit TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, sees officers dancing at locations across the city, as they sing the song.

The video was a labour of love, with more than 60 Saskatoon Police Services officers, administrative staff, and even a police dog coming together to show off their lip-sync skills.

“A lot of our staff came down on their own time, annual leave, days off, to put this together because they were that interested in being a part of it,” Insp. Randy Huisman told CTV Saksatoon.

The video, inspired by a lip-sync challenge that was popular with police services in the U.S., was a way to build a community and improve morale, Huisman said.

The video was an instant hit online, with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and Tim Hortons, whose donuts are featured in the video, taking notice.

While the Facebook post says that the SPS won't officially be challenging any other departments, since they weren't challenged, Insp. Huisman says he's hoping that their colleagues in Regina will step up and show what they've got.