A picture of Halloween-themed, fun size Dole mini salads is sending fear into the hearts of trick-or-treat candy lovers everywhere.

Adam Padilla, also known as Adam the Creator, posted the picture of the salad treats on Instagram on Oct. 15 and it went viral. Many were fooled into thinking the Dole mini salads were actually Halloween treats.

“What kind of monster would come up with this for Halloween,” commented one Instagram user.

Some people inquired as to where they could find the mini salads, while others commented that, if they got one in their Halloween loot, they would egg the house.

But thankfully the spooky photo was nothing but a Halloween trick.

Dole responded to the photo in a tweet confirming that “none of these are real products” but said they were impressed by Padilla’s photo editing skills.

They were also quick to add some ideas of their own including fun size portions of pineapples, broccoli or carrots.