Jane Fonda chose to spend $55,000 on false teeth rather than a new car.

The 70-year-old actress is famous for her fabulous figure and age defying looks and while she has admitted to surgery in the past, Jane believes a combination of factors including sex, money and good genes have kept her looking young, but she has admitted she chose to buy hugely expensive new dentures rather than a much-needed vehicle.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: "See these teeth? They cost $55,000. It was teeth or a new car - and I opted for the teeth.

"That's what I mean by good genes and money. It costs a lot to look the way I do, although the genes cost nothing.

"It's not just the genes, the money and what you eat though. Sex is pretty important too."

Double-Oscar winner Jane has previously revealed the secret to maintaining her looks is down to regular lovemaking sessions and the occasional visit to a plastic surgeon.

In the past, she has said: "I'm 71 and physically don't feel so good since I'm in pain. But I'm happier, the sex is better and I understand life better. I don't want to be young again.

"How do I still look good? I owe 30 per cent to my genes, 30 per cent good sex, 30 per cent are because of sports and healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and for the remaining ten per cent I've to thank my plastic surgeon."