Project Pandemic: Detailed maps of COVID-19 in Canada and the provinces

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Project Pandemic: Reporting on COVID-19 in Canada

Project Pandemic is a collaborative mapping effort mobilizing journalists across the country. It’s led by the Institute for Investigative Journalism at Montreal’s Concordia University and employs reporters from journalism schools across Canada along with traditional news media organizations such as CTV News. The goal is to collect data about the coronavirus pandemic and to use mapping and other analysis tools to allow a clearer picture of where the COVID-19 disease has spread and to analyze the impact on Canadians.

The maps below cover cases in each health-care region across every province, as well as hospitalization numbers and reports on Indigenous lands. They are drawn from publicly reported data plus information uploaded by journalists and trusted members of the public.

COVID-19 cases reported across Canada

Data gathered by health-care regions, public surveys and journalists

Be part of Project Pandemic:

  • Share your story of a health-care worker who went the extra mile here.
  • Fill out a health survey designed to track where potential cases are and aren’t here.
  • Share your story of a loved one or community member who was lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic here.

"Project Pandemic: Canada Reports on COVID-19" is a national collaboration bringing together journalists and journalism students from news organizations and universities across Canada to gather information as a public service.

The consortium draws on data gathered by governmental health authorities, journalists and the nonprofit platform This project is co-ordinated by Concordia University’s Institute for Investigative Journalism, with the support of the Canadian Association of Journalists. For the full list of credits, please visit

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