TORONTO -- July 19, 2022 update: This tracker is no longer being maintained but it will continue to be available as an archive. As the collection and dissemination of provincial COVID-19 data has evolved over time, we've made available a new version of the tracker here, which includes vaccination data as reported by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Canada is in the middle of its largest mass vaccination program in history, with tens of thousands of COVID-19 inoculations being administered daily across the provinces and territories.

Six vaccines, developed by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax and Medicago, have been authorized for use in Canada to date.

As the country continues the ongoing fight against COVID-19, is tracking the daily and cumulative vaccine doses administered in Canada by surveying the data from public health units. The interactive map outlines the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses distributed as a percentage of the country‚Äôs population. 



May. 5, 2022: Data for Quebec now includes doses administered within and outside of the province, resulting in a spike in total vaccinations.

Jan. 20, 2022: Alberta removed an estimate of 20,000 doses administered within First Nations communities to avoid double counting the doses reported by Indigenous Services Canada. This has resulted in a drop of total doses administered and percentage of people vaccinated in the province.

Small number indicates today's change compared to end of previous day.

Population numbers provided by provinces, where available, and otherwise from Statistics Canada. Read more about the vaccines approved for use in Canada.

Percentage of eligible population (5+) vaccinated with at least one dose


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Provincial and territorial data is collected from official government websites, news releases and press conferences.

Percentage of population vaccinated is based on the number of people who have received at least one dose.

Can't see the map? Click here is tallying vaccination doses across the country based on statements from public health agencies. The map will be updated as agencies release their dosages.

The interactive chart breaks down the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated, the total number of first and second doses administered, as well as how many shots Canada has received from manufacturers.

The chart also outlines the number of inoculations in each province and territory, including first and second doses, in addition to the number of vaccines allotted to each province.


Vaccines doses administered across the world


Vaccine doses administered by country


Percentage calculations below are based on the total population of each country. Percentages in the table below may appear lower than data on official government websites that use eligible population or adult population to calculate the percentage of people vaccinated.


World charts based on data from Our World In Data.

For more information on the coronavirus vaccine candidates that have or are in the process of being approved for use in Canada, check out our vaccine tracker. is also charting every confirmed COVID-19 case in Canada as well as active, recovered and deceased cases for each province and territory.

As well, charts and compares the progression of cases outside Canada, with a look at the curves in other nations, as well as context and timeline for a few key countries.


Sources for provincial numbers

Note: Not all provinces publish vaccine numbers on official websites. Some links may not point directly to daily number updates.

British Columbia: COVID Dashboard

Alberta: Vaccine Dashboard

Saskatchewan: News Releases/Vaccine Dashboard

Manitoba: Vaccine Bulletin/Vaccine Dashboard

Ontario: Vaccine Dashboard

Quebec: COVID Dashboard/ Vaccination Data

New Brunswick: COVID Dashboard

Nova Scotia: COVID Dashboard

Prince Edward Island: Vaccine Dashboard

Newfoundland and Labrador: COVID Dashboard

Yukon: COVID Dashboard

Northwest Territories: COVID Dashboard

Nunavut: COVID Dashboard